The Five Frequencies of Transformation

“The Five Frequencies of Transformation” is a special “Shift Sequence” of vibrational alignments that allow you to liberate from any challenge or conflict in your life.  

The Five Frequencies are common words that we have all heard before but it is the unique sequence that makes the magic happen here.  

The vibrations build upon each other like a bridge being placed one brick at a time in front of you so that you can cross over from disharmony to harmony in your life. 

These five vibrational alignments are called “frequencies” instead of emotions, thoughts, feelings or even virtues because, as quantum physics has taught us, everything is energy and when you align with the energetic vibration of something it can integrate through every body of consciousness: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, having the deepest impact of lasting transformation. 

When you practice the Shift Sequence.

These are live (unedited) recordings of “The Five Frequencies of Transformation” that was shared during our Saturday Morning Inspiration Zoom Groups (Satsang)

Each Session has two parts, an Inspirational Sharing and a Meditation. The inspirational sharing prepares you for the meditation.