Mt Shasta

             Mt Shasta Spiritual Retreat

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Mystical Mt Shasta – A sacred pilgrimage to the top of the mountain and the depth of your Soul!  Mt Shasta is an inter-dimensional gateway between many worlds.  People come from all of the globe to visit this sacred site and experience the wonders of this magical place.  Where ever you are on your path, Mt Shasta will lead you through your own personal doorway into greater Self Awareness and Realization of your Divine Essence.  You will leave here with your life changed, you will fall in love with her, as we all do and she will become a part of you, a part of yourself that is always there, present, grounded, anchored in the ancient truth…like a mountain who who been here for eons becoming you home into your own heart space. She awaits in all of her splendid glory to take you as high and deep as you are ready to go…into your own Soul!

Mt Shasta, CA

5 Day Mystical Mountain Retreat  ~ August 8 – 12, 2018

  •  Daily sharing circles
  • Sunrise and Sunset Ceremonies on the top of Mt Shasta
  • Sacred Breath-work
  • Crystal Bowl Concert (with over 200 rare gemstone crystal bowls)
  • Waterfall hike, cleansing / releasing Meditation
  • Stewart Mineral Springs, baths and body work at the most healing waters in America.
  • Visit to the Sacramento River water head where it surfaces from beneath the earth for the first time.

Lodging is in a beautiful luxury home with a breathtaking view of Mt Shasta from the back yard and many large windows inside the home, meditation gardens, a sacred stupa, a meditation temple and plush lavender fields surround the home.

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