2018 Calendar for Spiritual Retreats


Are you ready for a retreat?  Personal transformation?  Healing?  Guidance and direction?  In 2018 we will gather together again in sacred sites for our annual retreats in the Caribbean, Mt Shasta, Sedona and Asheville.  Nana has been hosting retreats to these sacred sites for 15 years.  She is a guide that intimately knows the energy of the land and also the inner terrain of the Soul.  She will guide you where you want to go so that you re-member and Know the truth of who you are as a radiant Soul being.   You can expect life-changing transformation.  Prepare to be awed by nature and the beauty of your own inner landscapes.

These retreats are kept to a small number of participants so that we can delve deep and have plenty of time for sharing.  The retreats book fast so reserve your space early.  Max number of participants is 8 people per retreat.   Registration requires a prior experience with Nana, via the phone or in person, at a retreat or workshop.  If you have not had personal time with Nana prior to retreat registration, it will be necessary to book a session to connect and explore the aspects of your spiritual journey and the aspects of the trip to make sure it is a good fit.   Nana’s goal is to make sure that you are comfortable and capable of such a journey physically, mentally and emotionally.  Your well being is her main priority, helping your reach the goal of merging with your Soul is her greatest honor.







Appalachian Mountain Autumn Retreat  “Living from Soul”

NC mountain header

As the trees begin to change their leaves to the colorful array of autumn, we gather in a charming mountain lodge and focus inward.  The crisp cool air is breathed slowly and deeply here, to savor every moment of nature’s majesty.  We calm the pace of our busy lives and detach from goals and to-do lists.  This is a time to be still, to witness the transformation experience of shedding all that we are, letting it go, surrendering completely, we stand stark like a void canvas waiting for a new creation.  Unlimited potential, limitless possibilities, your Soul shines through, bringing healing, clarity, direction for where you are going…when it is time to move again, but for now, another deep breath of this invigorating mountain air..take it home with you…let it breathe new life into your journey…it is the magic of these mountains, the oldest mountains on the planet, feminine like weathered old grandmother medicine women, they heal your soul and remind you of what is really important.  Come and be cradled, comforted, nurtured, reborn.

4 day Asheville “Living from Soul” Retreat

October 11-14, 2017

Light Center Lodge

Black Mountain, NC

  • Daily Sharing Circles
  • “Living from Soul”  workshop series
  •  Guided Meditations
  •  Light Room Sound Journey
  • Silent hike, walking meditation ending in the Labyrinth
  • Body work, massage, sacred healing baths
  • Sunset at Craggy Gardens 360degree long rage views of the Appalachian Mountains.

The Light Center is a very sacred site that has hosted decades of devotional ceremonies and services for world peace and oneness.  The grounds are beautiful with miles of hiking trails, meandering streams, meditation benches, a labyrinth, peace pole and many other magical places to explore.

Inquire for more information.