Nana’s Biography

208601_1757137125620_3041833_n.jpgBorn in Clearwater, Florida on the Summer Solstice of 1970.   Nana grew up on the Gulf Coast beaches loving nature, kayaking and many other wonderful outdoor activities in  the Sunshine State.  Right out of high-school she gained successful careers in sales and marketing.  In 1999 she was working with the top level executives of Fortune 500 Companies across the county in the One-Sourcing Industry.  A leader in her field, her high-paced life often lead to stress headaches.  She had tried numerous ways to heal.  Nothing was working well and she did not want to be on heavy pain medicines.  She turned to a book on meditation that changed her life. 

The book was “Wherever You Go There You Are” by John Kabat-Zinn.  She was practicing the techniques in the book and finding peace and zen stillness.  After a couple months a tragedy hit her family.  In shock and grief Nana lost her breath, she began the meditation to calm herself.  A sensation erupted inside of her and rose up her spine stirring her emotions and causing an eruption of tears.  The energy continued and she was flooded with past oppressed memories.  The visions overwhelmed her and she passed out. In her unconscious state she saw her own Soul and heard it’s voice for the first time. 

Her Soul spoke that she should not be afraid of what was happening that it was a gift and one day she would know how to use it.   She awakened with a heightened sense of awareness, she could see the subtle energies that flow from all living things.  She could see the fields of energy of the human body, the traumas people carry, the masks that they are wearing.  She could also see the luminescent Soul shining forth from the core of everyone. 

Her life transformed immediately into a Soul-Guided journey.  The goals of her personality were refined and defined by a higher calling.  She was passionate about sharing what she was seeing.  Knowing that we could be liberated and freed from the density that we carry and merged to the Divine inside in a way that allowed the union between Soul and Human Being, she devoted her life to helping people. 

1376324_10201265679141405_612990620_nIn 2002 Nana founded the Earth Spirit Center, a place where heaven and earth meet.  It was a gathering place for seeking souls and a platform for many people to share their gifts.  For Nana is was a college education on how to become a spiritual teacher and share her messages.  After three years she graduated the brick and mortar business and began traveling.  Once uprooted, she traveled non-stop for seven years.  She co-created and supported many spiritual centers and conscious communities along the way.  

She finally decided that life on the road needed less destination and more cultivation of certain areas that were really calling her.  These were Asheville NC, Humboldt CA, the Caribbean and her home town of Clearwater, Fl.  She began living seasonally; winter in Florida, spring in the Caribbean, summer in Humboldt and fall in Asheville.  During these years of travel and seasonal living Nana guided retreats to sacred sites.  She hosted trips to Mt Shasta and Sedona, the Redwoods Forest  and St John, USVI.   The people in these places became her family, her tribe and she met the teachers and students of her life.  The ripples are never ending and the sacred hoop of Soul-family ever expanding. 

Her life is devoted to helping people find and live from the radiant Soul inside them.  Her heart is aglow in bowed reverence for the opportunity to be in Service.  216231_145186448884988_2173520_n