Personal Guidance

Personal Guidance

Do you know who you are? Are you ready to develop a stronger connection to your true inner Presence?  Do you long for greater fulfillment and contentment in your career or relationships?   Perhaps your at a crossroad and need direction and clarity.  Whatever  you are facing, a Guidance Session will lead you to a deeper knowing of yourself where you will find the answers within.

Nana is passionate about her work because she helps people tap into their own greatness. It is an honor for her to reflect back to you that which shines forth from your own internal radiance.

Every session is unique. Connecting with your inner Presence, we allow it to guide us and provide the answers that you seek.  The challenges that your facing can be embraced with an inner Knowing that will provide peace of mind and a clear perspective.  Sometimes the session focus turns toward healing and releasing painful traumas from the past, other times the focus is on aligning to higher purpose and discovering your true greatness.  Whatever you need to feel liberated and freed will surface inside when you open wide and allow the now.  We will Be in the Presence together.  BeU2ful.

Before we begin, we will discuss your intent and align our hearts to bring forth the information and experience that you desire.  Then it is best to go into deep receptivity and allow the information to flow to you without writing or taking notes.  You will receive a recording of the session for later review.

It is through the resonance of Presence that you will find the door inside and the liberating keys that set you free.  Nana holds the Presence and guides you into resonance where you both exists in Oneness and there you will Be, where all the answers are.

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