Nana is a Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, and Life Coach.

The streamlined approach of taking people to their core,  where all the answers are, provides rapid results.  Clients often comment that a couple of hours with Nana is like years of therapy.   She provides clear practical guidance for simple application in daily life.

As a Life Coach, Nana will explore your goals and intentions and then tailor a process that is specific to you.  Using her skills as a counselor, teacher, spiritual guide and corporate consultant, she can provide support in every arena of life; health, wealth, relationships, expanding consciousness and self-awareness.

In Couples Counseling, partners are guided into a greater understanding of the gifts that exist in the challenges.  We enter into a relationship to grow.  Growth happens when we are challenged.  Getting a fresh perspective on the bigger picture and the opportunities that exist to expand their consciousness allows each person to come back to center and asses their own process.  This is the only place where liberation occurs, inside ourselves, not in “him” or “her”.  When we focus on liberating ourselves, we share the exaltation with our partner.  When we are centered in who we are, we can asses if the relationship fits our true Presence and understand it’s greater purpose in our lives.

Nana has assisted with the development of numerous Conscious Communities and Spiritual Retreat Centers.  Her network of awakened professionals extends into every arena of community development from the ground up.  From Eco-sustainable building and farming to a wide array of  teachers, therapist and inspirational leaders.

As a Conscious Corporate Consultant, Nana’s successful career as an Executive Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies in the One- Sourcing Industry provided her the skills to be solution-based and to find the silver lining win-win in every situation.   With a team-like approach, she helps companies who are facing growth opportunities in restructuring and evolving to meet the awakening consciousness of our society.