Asheville, NC

Mountain Light Sanctuary

April 12th – 18th, 2018


Inner Alchemy

A Journey of Consciousness

  Frequencies of Transformation and  Illumination

Guided Meditation, Sound Journey and Global Peace Ceremony

Mountain Light Sanctuary
April 14th, 2018
1:30pm- 3:33pm
$15 – $33


Inner Alchemy – To “Know Thyself” is the simplest path to illumination, but beyond Knowing there must be action, intention and focus. Knowing that you are Source energy, that you are a living life force that vibrates with different frequencies, you can harness your vibration and alter it consciously so that it leads to liberation and exaltation.

These vibrational shifts are states of Being that exist beyond thoughts and feelings. In this sacred soul light gathering we will journey through the inner terrains of our own consciousness and cultivate states that allow us to transform and be reborn into greater Self Awareness.

These shifts will lift you to places within your own Being where you can gain a “higher perspective” and view of YOU. From this place of Grace, a shedding of the old can occur, healing, clarity, relief from stress, struggle or anxiety will happen gently. A profound peacefulness permeates these states and you relate to yourself in Oneness, cradled by the Divine and supported through your life.

In today’s day and age, we are all racing to keep the pace of a society that it quivering and quaking with immense change. We are trying to balance so many things. We want to protect and provide for our families, secure a future world that will evolve beyond the collective crises. The best service that we can provide is to raise our own light and contribute a positive vibe to the collective. Take the time, give yourself, and the world, this gift and open to the Divine Light within your own Being. After we exalt and liberate our own consciousness we will join together to cultivate Universal Frequencies of Peace, Love, Compassion and Grace for the planet and humanity. Ending at 3:33 with a Universal Tone Circle.


Soul Light Channeling Circle

Guided Meditation / Global Update /  Personal Messages

Spiritual Communion with Soul, Source-light, Angels, Ancestors, Guides

Mountain Light Sanctuary
April 14th 7-9
$15  – $33

(sliding scale,  $15 minimum if not lodging to cover day fee to the sanctuary)

In this Soul Light Channeling Circle, we will commune with many realms and many ascended Beings who wish to assist us with our ascension process.  Mountain Light Sanctuary is such an enchanted place with Spirits from the elemental kingdom, the ancestors, Angels and star beings, we are sure to gather with a beautiful group of inter-dimensional allies who will bless our lives.  We will start with a sacred prayer of pure loving intention, go into meditation and receive a global universal message of current situations and then everyone present in the circle will receive a personal message.  If we have time, we can ask additional questions of Spirit.  We will end with a wave of love, peace and harmony for the planet and humanity.

Inquire / register:

Earth Source Field

Join us for both Events

Inner Alchemy & The Soul Light Channeling Circle!!!

cropped-nana1-e1513237503822.jpgPrivate Sessions with Nana
At Mountain Light Sanctuary
April 12 – 16, 2018

In person, via phone or video chat
Inquire / register:
$80/half hour $155/hour. ($33 mini reading available for workshop participants)

Important please note- Prior reservations / registrations required at Mt Light!   Because Mt Light Sanctuary is a place for people to retreat and relax, we must retain the integrity of the sanctuary.  All guests, including those for workshops and day visits MUST Register.  You cannot show up at Mt Light without prior arrangement.  If you are not lodging, there is a $15 day fee which will be deducted from the cost of the workshop or private session time with Nana.  Please make sure you reserve your space ahead of time by emailing or call/text 828.377.5512

Lodging available at Mt Light Sanctuary, contact Michael at

Retreat Location hidden deep in a secluded mountain cove in the Pisgah National Forest, 35 minutes north of Asheville, Mountain Light Sanctuary is a mini Shangri-La nestled in the world of nature.Bordered by two cascading creeks and ringed by the highest mountains in the eastern USA, It’s energy and ambiance are purely magical.  The Sanctuary is a gateway between the human world of “busy” and “doing” and the natural world of harmony and “being.” It is a departure point for exploring hundreds of miles of trails meandering through the half million acres of National Forest, or inner explorations from your own special spot under an ancient hemlock, on a mossy rock amid the ferns, or in a secluded grotto beside the creek.