Awakened Architect


I would like to share an update about this miraculous method of mastery that has been given to me.

I started receiving this information in February. At that time, I had no idea that I was remembering ancient mystery school teachings that have been carried forth throughout history by secret societies.

This mind-blowing adventure is an encoded story with symbolism, codes and keys that unlock the great mysteries inside of us. It is time. These sacred teachings are meant to surface now. We are ready to build a New Earth, and build our Temples within, as conscious and awakened architects.

After receiving “Temple Plans” for four months, I was guided to host two groups that would continue the cultivation of the temple codes and reveal more encoded information.

We have just completed those two groups and they were AMAZING! I am exalted and soaring from sharing Temple time with our tribe and letting our Lights Shine Bright! We are steeped deep in the mysteries and we are just beginning!

The Temple Plans have formed into four “Configurations of Illumination” that we align with in meditation.

It is a simple but profound course of alchemy and transformation.

It turns our Towers into Temples with grace and ease.

Now, I am guided to host two more groups. Starting tomorrow, Thursday at noon, and another starting next Friday.

I am sending this invitation to you personally.

Would you like to be a part of something magical?

Bring forth the Great Mysteries inside of YOU.

Join us in this liberating quest of Remembrance.

Here is the original invitation

This is a personal invitation to journey to the Temple within where you will discover your Awakened Architect.

This adventure will reveal a mind-blowing, miraculous, method of mastery.

These are the “Temple Plans” for “Awakened Architects.” They provide blueprints, codes, and keys for illuminating the temple within.

We are the designer and the design.

Rooted in ancient mysticism, these plans guide us on a magical journey of Remembrance back through the doorways within to the seat of the soul where we awaken as conscious creators.

We are the architects of our lives. Each day, we either build temples or towers. Towers may reach heights of worldly success, but will not reach the heavens within. Temples allow us to ascend out of the illusions and awaken to the truth of who we are. With illumined hearts, we build our lives with peace, love, grace and beauty.

Living in a temple is much nicer than living in a tower. Here, we are enlightened to our inner truth and our soul light shines bright. As Awakened Architects, we build castles and shrines from the divine inside. We also naturally build the New Earth and the bridges of light that ignite love between us all. 

Design Language

The language of an architect is numbers. All of creation is made from blueprints that are formed by numerology and sacred geometry. There are specific codes and keys that illuminate the divine design of the temple within. Once we remember them, they are very easy to embody in our daily lives. With grace and ease, we can formulate temple living.

Your Seat Awaits

Inside the temple, you will find a banquet table where a bounty of blessings pour forth. The treasure chest of your soul shines like gold. The jewels it possesses are priceless. Your seat is always there awaiting your arrival. When taken, it grants you the ability to create as an Awakened Architect.

Your life has a purpose, to live fully.

When you do, you light up the world.

You are the gift of creation.

Are you ready to illuminate the temple within and design your divine life?

The Awakened Architects Course

The Awakened Architects Course is by private invitation at this time. Please don’t forward the invite.
This is a Spirit-guided journey, an expedition of the Soul, a quest for Remembrance.
Miracles will happen when we let go and allow the flow of Spirit.

You’ll receive

  • Temple Plans
  • Tools & Instructions
  • Guided Meditations and Integration
  • Awakened Architects Community – Building a New Earth

This 4-part course Awakens the Divine Design/er within.

Live via Zoom

4 -week Course. Meets 1 x weekly for 1.5 hours

These are “consolidated, simplified, and amplified” teachings.
Space limited, by design, we align and form unique illumination configurations.
Only register if you can Be Present in all 4 groups. Sorry, no recordings.
Make a 30-day, 1-month commitment to deeply align with this process.
Let the glistening begin!

Mondays at 7pm. June 13 – July 4. closed/full group.
Tuesdays at 7pm. June 14. – July 5. closed/ full group.

2 New Groups Forming
Thursdays at 12pm. July 7 – 28th
Fridays at 12pm. July 8 – July 2

Call or text Nana @ 828.337.5512

A personal note from Nana

Over the years, Spirit has given me different programs for evolving our consciousness. These include Living from Soul,” “The Spiral Staircase,” and “Beyond the Matrix.” There were also alchemy and navigation tools shared along the way, like “The Map of Human Consciousness” and “The 5 Frequencies of Transformation.” Then came “Woven a formula for weaving circles of light into the web of life. It has been a great honor to share these systems with thousands of people around the world. I do not take credit for them. They are divine designs. I am a humble instrument and guide.

The “Awakened Architect” is the most profound thing I have received thus far. The story combines all of the other systems into a very simple method of mastery. Sacred storytelling aligns us with the map and keys. The “metamorphic metaphors” open the doors. Ancient corridors lead us through the Halls of Mirrors where the inner chambers reflect The Great Mystery School teachings. Led by Thoth, Metatron, Hermes, Pythagorus, Tesla and a Council of Star Beings, we remember our way through Atlantis and Egypt, to Solomon’s Temple, where we discover The Ark of the Covenant, the treasured chest that gives rise to the light inside. Our Temples ignite. And so it is.

This enchanting story leads us by scripture and numbers to reveal the divine blueprint of our lives. You need not be a biblical believer or a mathematician to understand. It is simple and fun. You will love the adventure and the treasured chest that awaits. Mind-blown, exalted and free, I am elated to share it with you.

Thank you for being a beautiful part of the journey.



To secure your seat, text / message. 828.337.5512 with “I’m in”

Send payment via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

to: / 828.337.5512

Cost $133. 1 or 4 x $33

Send a check to:
Nana Hendricks
1333 Stonehenge Way
Palm Harbor, Fl 34695

I look forward to basking in the Temple with you.

~ Nana