Nana Hendricks

Spiritual Teacher  / Intuitive Visionary

As a Visionary Guide, Nana sees the subtle energy fields of all living things.  She see’s the Soul Light in every human heart and helps people clear thier fields and find their way home to the Source within.

In 1999, during a successful corporate career as a One-Sourcing Executive for Fortune 500 Companies, Nana experienced a traumatic spiritual awakening that instantaneously changed her whole life.  Her life-force spontaneously erupted inside her and knocked her unconscious.  When she awakened, her Sight was permanently altered with the ability to see the subtle realms of energy that exists within all things.  The Voice of Source and her own Soul-light began guiding her and helping her to understand that this was a gift that was meant to be shared.

Nana is a gentle and compassionate assistant helping with the liberation of the illusions that bind us and the exaltation of the true Spirit that shines forth from within. She has traveled the world sharing her message that we are all illuminated within.  She teaches that the answers that we seek, the fulfillment and contentment that we crave, are all there inside us awaiting our arrival.  

After helping thousands of people liberate from the burdens that separate them from their true Self, Nana teaches that there are many routes to take to return to the peaceful Presence within.  She knows the inner landscapes and the terrain that our consciousness is contained within.  She uses her intuition, Sight and the connection to Source/Spirit to help uncover the best path and process for each person.

Working with Nana is like looking into a mirror where you can see every aspect of yourself from the dark hidden painful parts to the most glorious, exalted and radiant.  She holds the mirror tenderly and assists with the personal transformation that will lead to your wholeness.  When you have embraced all of who you are and no longer divided inside or denying any part of your existence, you are liberated from separation and can return to the peaceful Knowing that you are the whole spectrum and One with all things. 

It is Nana’s greatest honor to reflect back that which shines forth as pure Soul and Source Light, helping people to re-member and re-align with their true radiant Divine Presence inside of them.

Nana’s Biography