Nana Hendricks

Visionary, Teacher, Guide

Nana sees the subtle energy fields of all living things.  She sees the Soul Light in every human and helps people find their way home to the Source within.

In 1999, during a successful corporate career as a One-Sourcing Executive for Fortune 500 Companies, Nana experienced a traumatic spiritual awakening that instantaneously changed her life.  Her kundalini life force spontaneously erupted inside her and knocked her unconscious.  When she awakened, her sight was permanently altered with the ability to see the subtle realms of energy that exist within all things.

Seeing the Soul light inside of every human, Nana began serving others.  For 20 years, she has traveled the world sharing her message that we are all illuminated within.  She has helped thousands of people find their inner glow through workshops, retreats, courses, and private counseling.