My Neo Moment – Transcending the Matrix

I had my “Neo moment” last week.

After living most of my life outside of the political system, I was drawn into it last year because of covid. After exploring both sides of the red/blue divide and their shadows and light, I felt I was ready to transcend it again.

I could clearly see that it was all an illusion, a virtual reality that we agree to plug into through the mainstream news. The news networks are like the fiber optic bars of a cage keeping everyone locked in as a captive audience.

I refused to be abused by the news that lowers our vibes and has us subscribe to the “Separation Station” – a daily broadcast infiltration of our vibration filled with fear and condemnation.

“Us against them” = WE will never win.

I’d rather ascend and Remember who we are when One again.

It was time for me to step back out of this illusionary matrix of reality and return to the truth of my Being.

Now, I can say that I have taken both the red and blue pills. I have been down the rabbit holes, spoken to the oracles, taken off the glasses, and had tea with the Hatter.

I unplugged and then plugged in again, and again, and I’ve seen what is behind the curtains.

I wanted to understand all of it, this political matrix, without prejudice or bias that would divide me internally.

From the neutral Observer Witness, I didn’t take sides. I refused to divide.

My vote is my vibe – I vote for peace, harmony and oneness.

And it is far more a “civil duty” to be civil to one another rather than to fight each other.

Back in the matrix, enough is enough. I can see the networks that keep the illusion in place and that humanity is imprisoned in this cage not against our will but rather, voluntarily.

We have Free Will Choice. The door of the cage is open and we can fly free anytime that we are ready. We can choose to keep watching the news and allowing it to infuse us with anger and hate, blaming our current state on something outside of us – or – we can choose to be free and transcend the illusion of duel/duality, HEALING THE DIVIDES INSIDE OF OUR OWN BEING and rising up beyond this projected political polarity.

~ It is sad to see the news con-fuse-ing so many.
~It’s sad to see loved ones festering hate and condemnation toward ANY other human Being and separating friendships and families because of it.
~ It is sad to see our freedoms of speech destroyed and big tech/pharma/corporate conglomerates controlling the narrative.
~ It is sad to see people believing they are achieving democracy by cheating, lying and hiding the truth.
~ It is sad to see that We the People of the UNITED States are DIVIDED and suffering because of it.

Enough is enough, it is SO DENSE. I was ready to transcend the Matrix again and go back to where I’d been before the illusion – One Within.

The morning after our epiphany day raid on the Capitol, I was FREED. I woke up outside the Matrix again and knew that all the places I had been had taught me so much about myself and this incredible reality. It was all a blessing and a gift, every bit of it, every stream of shadow and light that makes the most drastic contrasts and creates the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

There was an elation in my heart and a pep in my step again. A deep sense of fulfillment, contentment and reverance for all of it. I kept expanding within like I’d been on the most epic adventure and was returning home.

Then. I passed by the newsstand. And there were all the headlines from local and national syndicates de-scribing the Capitol riots. I was on the outside looking in. It was obvious to me that these are the bars to the cage, the walls of the matrix that keeps people confined within imprisoning black and white lines of hate and ill-U-sion.

And then, Like in the last scene of the Matrix movie where Neo had been in-and-out of the dream world so many times, he awakens to the truth of his Being and was finally freed, he understood how the matrix works. He looks around the busy street with people hustling and bustling but unaware that there inside the matrix, he smiles that knowing smile, like the Buddha’s grin that knows it’s all an illusion – Neo lowers his shades …and….he …..walks …..back … …..wanting to help make: a positive difference.

I stood there in front of the instigating headlines and smiled, not this time. NOT lowering my vibe, not going to subscribe to this paper trail of fears. I put my shades on and walked away, a giddy hearted, bad-ass matrix jumpin’ Neo -Nana, free and unbridled from the mainstream news feed that breeds the Illusion but still here with my buddha grin and desire to make a positive difference.

It’s been bliss ever since.

Neo Nana
~ Beyond the Matrix

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