Golden Peeps Rise Again

Happy Easter and Blessed Resurrection week to all the sweet Peeps out there!  

We have come through seven Holy Days days of Resurrection. It is a recalibration to a higher vibration. It was a turbulent week with big waves of change, intensity in highs and lows, especially in close relationships. It is all being given to us as reflections so that we can CHOOSE our own salvation, our illumination. We Rise.   

Let’s reflect so that we connect with the shifts and ride the waves consciously. Looking back over the week will give us insight as to where we have been, where we are going and how to keep flowing in harmony gaining the greatest gifts of self-awareness from the experience.

On Tuesday, we entered the Holy Week of Resurrection and began our descent into the death process. The church catches fire. Notre Dame went up in flames. It is a Torch of Transformation illuminating that the old ways need to die and be birthed anew. The collective energies were really intense for the next few days, exhausting and depleting to our consciousness with an emphasis on the shadow and darkness. We were all wanting naps and extra rest, feeling the pressures of the ways we have been crucified inside and died our own deaths, feeling whipped and beaten down a bit.

Then on Good Friday it subsides, we go into this big beautiful PINK FULL MOON symbolically representing fresh fields of pink spring flowers and new begininnngs. This is a rare special moon, it appears as the second moon in the sign of LIbra representing BALANCE. The first moon of Libra was at the Spring Equinox (equal balance). This is a second wave of support for us to get the wobbles out of our wheels. This time it is glowing with soft pink hues that represent Self Love in the renewal process. We can harness this energy and choose to look at ourselves and our relationships to adjust our participation so that we create greater self-love and balance in our lives. It is a great time for making a new proclamation of change. 

Saturday 4/20 representing to many a love and reverance for Cannabis. The plants rise. It is finally time that our ancient healing plants are resurrected and made available to us again and no longer withheld, criminalized or demonized. Enough with the establishments greedy hypocrisy and oppression of that which is naturally healing, sustainable for our planet, and far more safe and affordable than deadly pharmacueticals. Cannabis showed us, and has been proven scientifically, that plants communicate with us, they are One with us. They heal our bodies, minds and emotions. They also liberate our consciousness. A wave of liberation flowed through the country on 4/20 as cannabis was honored and released more into the mainstream, nationally and globally. The people are rollling back the stone, rising high above and saying Yay- Hemp!

Sunday – Easter, ressurection. From tomb to womb, we are fertile and ready to birth anew. The egg is cracking open, the old world crumbling, shattering the confinements of that which has contained us. The light of a new day is shining through welcoming us to spread our wings and experience a new reality. We are the sweet Golden Peeps that we have been waiting for. We are One Tribe of many rainbow colored human-beans all sharing the same goodie-basket called Earth.  

Monday – Earth Day – celebrating our Oneness, we blossom and bloom forth with a great reverence for our beloved planet Gaia and that which connects us all. We have all been crucified, died and resurected. We are purified in the fires of love and forgiveness. It is time to rejoice and celebrate in the Garden again.  

Whether you have been aware of this 7-day shift or not, the ripples are here to lift you up. Harness the energy. Sit with yourself and ask what needs to die so that it can birth anew. Surrender and render yourself to the waves of change that are still in the wake of this great quake in our consciousness. Explore who you are in relationship. Ask yourself if your particpation is a reflection of Self-Love and Balance. Then adjust accordingly.

Take responsibility for balancing and aligning your own vessel, not your neighbors/partners. Fix your own wobble. Reposition and Reproportion things. Adjust the slices of your pie chart so that everything fits into Self-love and Balance. Breathe, release, adjust the spinning wheels inside (chakras) and align (up your spine) to your own light (central illumined column) and let go of who you used to be. Feel it dying. Surrender what is not working …completely….Breathing. Breathing. Breathing.

Then begins rebirthing. Unearthing to reflect more self-love, balance and harmony with your own Being. Create a Proclamation of Change. Go out and honor your connection to the Earth and feel her love for you. Hug her back and love her too. Meditate. Visualize. Harmonize. Dance. Sing. Feel the New Begininng of Spring blossoming in your consciousness. Plant seeds to take new roots in this fertile soil. Let that pink moon fill you up, inflate your heart. Feel the glow come alive inside and celebrate the sweetness of life with the One Tribe vibe. We rise. Golden and Sweet, beloved Peeps!

And so it is!  



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