A Message from Cannabis

Walking through my friend’s garden one day, I heard the Spirit of Cannabis say “Can you please tell them to refrain from adding that mixture to my soil?”  I looked around to see that there were empty containers of fertilizer on the ground next to me.  She went on to explain “when added too soon, it keeps me from growing my roots.”   When I shared this with my gardener friend, he said “It makes sense, roots grow because they are seeking nutrients.”  This was the beginning of my relationship with the Spirit of Cannabis.  

Since then she has shared more with me.  Her true essence, she says, is like rose quartz: she is calming, nurturing, and healing. She likes to have rose quartz in the garden with her and pink rose bushes too.  She says that they are helping to release the negative stigma that has been placed upon her.  The vibration of the pink roses and rose quartz lift and cleanse the negativity associated with her while she is growing.  

She has also been showing me how regulating her light is not something that she enjoys but that she endures it because it is serving.  Her greatest desire is to be in service to the planet and humanity and to share her healing abilities.  She has been shunned, shamed and labeled in negative ways but actually she is a sacred plant medicine that has more healing abilities than any other plant species on the planet.  She understands that there is an evolution occurring and that we are beginning to truly understand how she can assist humans.  She is patient with the process but would like for us to know that there are ways that she prefers to grow.  She flourishes the most when she is in her natural rhythm with nature and the cycles of the season.  There are things that we can do to honor her too, like seeing her as a sacred nature diva not just a cash crop. We can create a sacred space in our gardens to celebrate our relationship with her and all the blessings that she brings into our lives. 

One day a friend called me and said that they were having weird things happen with their plants, they were flowering too soon.  They asked if I would come and communicate with her and determine the cause of the problem. When I arrived she shared with me that she was; “showing the growers the vibration that they were creating.”  She said; “There is too much emphasis on production.”   She explained that she could feel all of the stress and anxiety in the people handling her and that they were not honoring her process. They were just focused on the results with “too much pressure to produce.”  So, she did, she flowered too soon.  This was her way of communicating with them.    I asked her what they could do to fix this problem and she said that she wants to have a peaceful growth process with people enjoying working with her through every step not just rushing and stressing to get end results.  My friends agreed to change the way they were handling her and to take it easy.  We said a prayer and held intentions to change the approach to her growth.  Over the next few days, the problem fixed itself naturally because there was harmony instead of disharmony in her handling.  In the process the gardeners learned to slow down and relax and do things with a pace of grace, and a greater sense of presence and reverence.  It was healing for them in more than just the ways that they grow plants but how they live their lives every day too.  

Cannabis is healing in many ways.  Recently, she began asking me to bring people to meditate with her.  She said that they need not ingest anything that her vibration alone would create the healing.  When we sat with in the greenhouses and in the fields, she amplified her frequency and sent waves of healing energy into our bodies.  We were altered consciously and felt the nurturing energy soothing us physically, emotionally and mentally.  It was amazing.  She then shared a beautiful analogy. 

She said that currently her light is being regulated artificially and that tarps are placed over her to disconnect her from the natural light source.  She said that we humans are like this too.  We “tarp” the light that we carry within and cover it with false beliefs, unhealthy patterns and programs.  We separate ourselves from the natural source of light and block the flow of our Soul with these accumulated densities that collect as blockages in our bodies.  We can remove these tarps that we are wearing and let the light shine forth from our core, from our inner-Source, outward.  She said, like her, “the tarping is serving and that growth is occurring.”  We can tune into ourselves and see how we are tarping our own bodies and begin healing.  It is a process and we are making progress.  Eventually, there will be no need for tarping our plants or our bodies.  We are all evolving to becoming more transparent and free to live openly in the source-light that exists within all living things.  

After being an intuitive visionary for 20 years, I never imagined that I would wind up here, a plant whisperer.  I have had this gift of great sensitivity that can tune in and receive any subtle frequency.  My greatest passion has been connecting people with their own inner Soul Light and helping them heal what is blocking the divine source-light inside of them from shining forth.  Now I see that the Cannabis deity has a similar mission, she is here to heal, to soothe the soul and nurture the mind, body and spirit of humanity.  That day in the garden changed things for me.  I love being an intuitive visionary guide, a bridge to the “other side” and now, I am so honored to also be a voice for this sacred plant spirit and to assist her on her journey of healing humanity.  

If you would like to hear what your plants have to say or if you would like to heal with Cannabis in a sacred way, I would be honored to assist.


~ Nana

Nana Hendricks is an Intuitive Visionary who uses her gifts to assist humanity with the evolutionary process. For twenty years she has led groups and retreats to sacred sites and to the core of their Being. As a compassionate spiritual teacher she is liberating, illuminating and celebrating the Soul Light of Oneness and the higher states of consciousness that exist within all of US.

Wesite: NanaHendricks.com. Email: Nanahendricks@gmail.com

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