Living Source

The Living Source the gives live to all things is flowing through you right this minute.  Rub your hands together for a few seconds and then separate them and feel the heat that exists between the palms of your hands.  If just after a few seconds of focus and stimulation, your hands produced this much Living Source energy, imagine what you can create if you focused your whole body on creating your dreams!  01a1c5e75834414dfaee884c8d202739

The human body is a walking Source force field, but many of us do not know how to harness that living force and use it for all of it’s potential.  We are focused on obtaining our security and success through an outward focus of accomplishments.  This can be distracting and frustrating  more than anything because we are not connecting to the true source within us that can support us in living life alive and free.

When you are driving your car and looking ahead far to the next few turns, you burn your gas and pass most of the scenery by without even realizing it.  If you never refilled the tank, your car would quit and then you would have to focus on it.  This is how we treat our bodies and our life force energy.  We push forward, not refueling or being present moment until we are on empty.

If we can switch this momentum and harness the life force inside of us, the energy would rise to create from a different state of being where we are limitless.  We would have an unlimited Source of energy that could attract anything into our reality rather than driving and forging forward to accomplish something in a future reality.  51129ded07854cb8cdf14b2c322a48db

Beyond harnessing this Source for manifesting and attracting your dreams, Knowing this Source inside of you, creates a Oneness with all things that liberates states of separation and suffering.  You know that you are supported and guided through life by a Source that is your true essence and divine presence.

How can you tap into it?  How can you begin Living from Source, as Source?  There are many paths back to the center where Source enters your body through a central column of Light.   Surrender, meditation, concentrate, allowing, trusting, letting go of what you no longer need, breathing in the Life Force and feeling it course through your body.  Awareness of it is the first step but then you must follow through with focus, attention, discipline, repetition until you and the Source are One, you have merged and there is no longer a divide inside, you are Living Source!

Open wide and let the inner light shine







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