Nana Hendricks is a clairvoyant who uses her visionary gifts to help people rememember and realign with the truth of who they are inside.  

Nana sees the Soul Light that shines forth from every human.   For twenty years she has led people to the core of who they are and re-introduced them to the Soul-Light within.  

As a compassionate spiritual teacher, she is warm-hearted and easy to relate with.  Her passion is bringing forth the insights of Self-Awareness that liberate and illuminate consciousness.  

Whether it is clarity on a certain debilitating dilemma or looking for deeper meaning, the Soul-Light within knows the answers and guides us, if we are listening.  

Nana teaches us how to listen and how to re-connect with our inner-source, celebrating the Soul Light of Oneness and the higher states of consciousness that exist within all of US.

Nana Hendricks Mt Shasta Retreat

“Sessions with Nana are life-changing!”

“Her visionary gift is remarkable, unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

“Nana led me to my own answers, I came away feeling so relieved”

“Keep the podcasts coming, your stories always lift me up!”

“Nana knows how to tell a story that takes you right to your heart and opens you up inside

“Thank you Nana, you have touched our whole family, we feel blessed to know you.”