Nana Hendricks
Visionary, Teacher, and Guide

Are you ready to transcend the patterns of your past and history, awaken to your power, and, evolve consciously?

Do you want to know your purpose, share your gifts, and make a difference?

If so, Nana can help you find the seat of your soul and live as an awakened architect of your life.

Nana has helped thousands of people awaken and evolve. She shares her visionary gifts with magical metaphors and humor that allow everyone to lighten up.

With the ability to see the subtle fields of energy, she knows the inner terrain and guides people to the temple within. With decades of experience helping people cross the moat to get to the castle, she is a gentle guide who leads with compassion and grace, and a be-line to the heart space.

Set your Soul free and Soar.

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With Love and Acceptance

I love you and accept you whether you wear a mask or not.I love you and accept you whether you or republican or democrat.I love you and accept you whether you are pro…

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The Light Switch

I had another great dream last night that felt symbolic of our human plight and where we are in this tumultuous awakening process.

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A Tale of Two Monkeys

I had another dream last night that seems symbolic of humanity’s plight. There were two monkeys playing in a stream, they seemed very happy splashing and sharing everything. They were very affectionate and…

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